April 24, 2022

How You Can Spend One Epic Week in Maui, Hawaii


How You Can Spend One Epic Week in Maui, Hawaii


How You Can Spend One Epic Week in Maui, Hawaii


How You Can Spend One Epic Week in Maui, Hawaii
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Maui. A true paradise. In this guide, learn how you can spend an epic week in Maui, Hawaii. From the beaches, to the jungle, you can find both adventure and relaxation everywhere.

Iao Valley Maui, Hawaii


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Where to Stay

Finding a place through Bookings.com, Airbnb or VRBO (Vacation Rental by Owner) is a great way to avoid the crowds of a resort if that’s you thing. I know it’s mine. On my trip, I stayed in a VRBO. It was a simple apartment style place right on the beach in Lahaina. Lahaina is located on the west side of the island with some of the most stunning sunsets I have ever seen.

Of course if resorts are you thing, there is no shortage. Also located in Lahaina, there are several resorts with beach access. On the North end of town, there is Ka’anapali Beach with a few options. Although we did not stay there, we did visit the beach. The grounds of the resorts looked stunning. Room prices for these resorts range from $200-$4000 a night. VRBO rentals start at about $100 a night. When setting a budget and booking accommodations, keep in mind that there are taxes and resort fees in a addition to the room rate.

OTHER TOWNS TO STAY: Wailea, Kapalua, Hana

How to Get Around

Renting a car is an absolute must! Once you arrive at the airport (Kahului Airport, OGG), there are shuttles to the many nearby car rental places. Book your car in advance. We opted for a midsize sedan. If you are planning on going to some off the beaten path locations, splurge and get something more like a Jeep.


Things to Do

The Road to Hana

You may have heard of the Road to Hana. It is a 65 mile stretch of road that goes from Kahului to Hana. This is one windy road. With 600 corners and 59 single lane bridges, the going is slow, but is filled with amazing views, 15 waterfalls, painted eucalyptus, bamboo forests, arboretums, and so much more. Give yourself a minimum of one day to to this memorable drive. We spent one day going from Lahaina to Hana and back. If I had a do over, I would take one full day to get to Hana and one full day to come back. There is that much to see and do.


Tropical fish, sea turtles, coral. Don’t miss out on the beauty under the sea. You can bring your own snorkel gear, or take a day tour. We opted for the second option. In order to ensure we had an eco friendly and ethical experience, we opted to book our tour with the Pacific Whale Foundation. Pac Whale Eco Adventures provided a wonderful experience. Led my trained Marine Biologist, our safety, the safety of the wildlife, and the overall knowledge was top notch.

Our tour was set to be a 5 hour tour visiting Molokini, a crescent shaped volcano that is partially submerged into the ocean. Do to choppy seas, they decided to change out location due to safety. They did, however, take the boat near the crater so we could see this world famous location. They then brought us to two different locations in order to still experience snorkeling in Maui. We spotted sea turtles, a whale, and the state fish, humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa.

Maui Ocean Center

The Maui Ocean Center is an Aquarium located in Maalaea on the South Central part of Maui. Several beautiful exhibits feature rays, sea turtles, jellyfish, sharks, and more. They share information on conservation and connect people with wildlife. The aquarium is certified with the Sustainable Tourism Association of Hawaii. At this time, they do have time entry so plan ahead.

Haleakala National Park

Although I did not make it here on my trip, I felt it important to note that this location should be on your list of places to visit. Haleakala is a 10,023 foot dormant volcano. I have been told that the sunrises are beyond spectacular. To view the sunrise at the summit, a reservation is needed. It can be very cold so bring warm clothes. No food or gas is available so be sure to do your research before venturing up the volcano.

Iao Valley National Monument

Iao Valley State Monument

When you think of Hawaii, do you think of steep jungle covered mountains? On Maui, Iao Valley is the place to go to see some spectacular mountains and even a super tall waterfall. This is a great place for an easy hike. Looking to take some epic photos on your trip? Again, this is the place to go. Make sure to look out for the Iao Needle, an erosional structure that rises 1,200 feet from the valley.

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