I'm Michelle. A traveler, photographer,  blogger and nature lover


Immerse travelers in the lush tropical beauty and rich historical significance of destinations around the world through visual content and inspire curiosity and appreciation for the historical ruins and natural wonders of each place I visit. 

My mission is to

Who am I?

A dedicated travel content creator, my mission is to educate and inspire audiences with visually stunning and informative content showcasing the world's unique stories and landmarks.

From exploring ancient ruins to discovering hidden gems, I'm constantly seeking new and exciting destinations to share. Promoting sustainable travel and preserving cultural heritage for future generations is a priority.

Travel, a way to connect with history and learn about the world, is at the core of my content. Whether you're planning your next adventure or simply dreaming of new places, join me on this journey to discover our planet's beauty and history together.

exploring new places

6. Go To weekend activity

binge destination truth

5. Guilty pleasure

so far...guatemala

4. Favorite Country

waterfall rappelling in costa rica

3. Best Travel Memory

beaches & jungles

2. Vacation of choice

tacos! for life.

1. Favorite food

Tacos, adventure, art... Time to reveal a few of my obsessions. See anything we have in common?

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